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#340 Astec Soil Remediation Plant EDS/ASB/ENG/340

This ASTEC 8 ft Direct-Fired Thermal Treatment System is currently available and is located in Yalding, UK. The system is designed for processing various types of contaminated materials. The thermal treatment plant is built in a relocatable configuration which allows the components to be easily transported on flat-bed and double-drop type trailers with the equipment constructed on skids to allow the electrical equipment, air equipment, piping, etc. to be pre-installed in ASTEC manufacturing shops. This greatly reduces the amount of field work required to assemble the components on-site, as compared to stationary components. The rotary kiln unit is designed in a fully portable configuration with axles and running gear. The list below summarizes the major sub-systems and skid-mounted components:

Contaminated Material Feed System, includes; Dual feed hoppers, 6 ft x 12 ft top opening Bar grizzly on each bin Self-Cleaning Magnet Vibrating scalping screen, 3 ft x 6 ft Bin vibrator with hinged dancing plate inside hoppers Belt scale Belt conveyors with covers, Built-In retaining wall with wing walls Skid mounted design

Portable Primary Treatment Unit (Rotary Kiln) 8 ft dia. x 40 ft long drum Vibrating Inlet chute with flop gate Variable speed PTU drive High temperature stainless steel kiln seals (both ends) Knockout chamber at PTU gas outlet Heavy-duty support system, expanded duty for future refractory lining 75 MM BTU/hr, totally enclosed ASTEC Whisperjet Burner package Fuel design for reclaimed oil Burner platform and access ladder Portable frame with built-in supports, king pin, glad hands and running gear

Processed Solids Cooling and Discharge System Multicone Dust Collector Pugmill – Soil Cooling unit with single shaft design 7.5 HP Pugmill water pump and Water Injection System Steam/dust vent from soil cooler to baghouse Shuttle conveyor from discharge of pugmill (24 in wide x approx. 20 ft long)

Secondary Treatment Unit (Thermal Oxidizer) Vertical retention chamber 9 ft I.D. x approx. 80 ft overall height Castable refractory materials, designed for operating temperatures up to 2000oF 75 MM BTU/hr, totally enclosed ASTEC Whisperjet Burner package Fuel design for waste oil Burner platform and access ladder Waste oil valve trains

Evaporative Cooling Chamber (ECC) Vertical configuration, downflow design Chamber size is 11 ft dia. x approx. 80 ft overall height Refractory installed in high temperature zone Hi-temp, fabric type expansion joint Adjustable water atomizing lances with air pressure atomization design water nozzles 250 HP air compressor, air reservoir, piping and regulator 25 HP VFD water pump Access platform with handrails and caged ladder External insulation on lower portion of ECC chamber to minimize corrosion

Baghouse System P-84 / Micro Max type filter bags, 1408 total bags 10 wire cages built of 304 stainless steel Collecting hopper with 15 HP gathering screw within the hopper Rotary airlock with 1.5 HP electrical drive Two (2) dust transfer augers to pugmill for dust rehydration/discharge Pulse jet-type filter cleaning system and pulsing controls 250 HP air compressor, air reservoir, piping and regulator Air Dryer is included Skid-Mounted design Automatic dilution air damper located in baghouse inlet duct – for emergency conditions Skid-Mounted design (eliminates foundations) Internal epoxy coatings are included for corrosion protection External insulation is shop installed to minimize corrosion

Induced Draft System Two (2) I.D. fans, each with dual 200 HP motors and drive components (800 total HP) VFD controls for I.D. fans

Plant Control Center with Automatic PLC Control and Monitoring System Pilot III Style, single level design (11 ft-6 in wide x 26 ft 9in long) Lavatory Thermostatically Controlled Heat & Air Conditioning Unit Steel stairway with landing and handrails PLC Control System with Redundant Systems Numerous Report Compilation and Printouts for Operating Data & Plant Emissions Seimens based software

Power Room, Electric Panels including Starters/Breakers and Main Disconnect 10 ft x 40 ft electrical power room 2 entrance doors Stairway and landings to entrance doors Pre-Wired and Installed Electrical Power Panels Seimens electrical hardware

Electrical Cables and Cable Tray System Quick disconnects on electric cables Cable trays and supports Starters and breakers in NEMA enclosure Remote Electrical Panels Motors: 415v, 50 Hz, 3-phase / Controls: 220v, 50 Hz, single phase CE Standards


Type: Pre-Owned
Available: Immediately
Make: Astec
Model: 8 ft Direc Fired Thermal Treatment Unit
Location: UK, England


Company: Astec, Inc.
Representative: Joe Clancy
Phone: 423-867-4210
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#340 Astec Soil Remediation Plant EDS/ASB/ENG/340#340 Astec Soil Remediation Plant EDS/ASB/ENG/340#340 Astec Soil Remediation Plant EDS/ASB/ENG/340#340 Astec Soil Remediation Plant EDS/ASB/ENG/340